About Us

Israel and by extension, the Jewish people, aren’t exactly the toast of American college campuses today. This is the because these supposed “Pro-Israel” or “Israel advocacy” aka Hasbara organizations (we won’t mention any names), aren’t exactly doing a good job in educating young Jews in a more in-depth way about their own rich heritage. 

So far, everything in the Jewish/Israel world is about “defending” and “apologetics”. Not about Jewish knowledge and education. 

TheNationofIsrael.com  gives you rare and unique insights on Israeli society, culture,Start-Up, Middle-East and Judaism from the grass roots level.

We have has already been on the forefront of changing the Pro-Israel paradigms for a number years (on a relatively small yet effective scale).

We now hope to take our efforts to the next level and make a greater impact. Even greater than the already existing “Israel advocacy” organizations, which have done nothing more than sell Hi-Tech and beaches to young Jewish students…hoping that will be enough to convince them to care about Israel, the Middle East as well as give them a strong Jewish identity.