Joe Biden to J Street in 2016: “We have to push the Israeli gov’t towards a Two-State Solution”

Speaking at the J Street conference in the final months of the Obama administration, then VP and current presidential candidate Joe Biden expressed disdain with “ever-expanding settlements” (aka Judea & Samaria, the Jewish cradle of civilization) as well as “orthodoxy”.

Little does he realize is that it’s these very policies that have lead to the 15-year barrage of rocket fire by people like Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza.

For those who think J Street is a pro-Israel organization, some of their speakers and guests have included:

Avi Buskila, Director of Peace Now, Liat Schlesinger, Founder of Molad, Aluf Benn, Editor of Haaretz and Ayman Odeh, Head of the Joint List (the Arab coalition of parties at the time), Maen Erekat Chief of PLO Delegation,
Daniel J. Sokatch CEO, New Israel Fund (funded by George Soros) and last but not least, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has allowed Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to spread their Israel-hatred in US Congress.

Here is a documentary about who J Street really are:

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