R” Mendel Kessin: “Jews in Israel need spiritual rehab. Gideon Sa’ar will be PM”

Rabbi Mendel Kessin talks about how Gideon Saar as The Prime Minister of Israel can be the transition guy who will enable Israeli society to come back to Torah scholarship, prior to the arrival of Moshiach.

Gideon Sa’ar started keeping Shabbat after a Rabbi who was supposed to be the Sandak at his son’s Bris was ill and unable to attend. He decided that he would be the Sandak but the officiating Rabbi said that a Sandak has to keep Shabbat. “I had already been thinking about beginning to observe Shabbat, so I took upon myself at that instant to begin keeping Shabbat. The Rabbi told me that it wasn’t just the upcoming one that I need to keep but all of them. I agreed and that is when I began observing Shabbat.”

Sa’ar was asked how the new scenario works for his wife the journalist Geula Even-Sa’ar. “My wife does not observe Shabbat, but my observance does affect how she spends the day. It creates an interesting situation that is neither completely religious nor completely secular. We take a walk in the park. My son goes down the stairs with me to leave our apartment and my wife takes the elevator with my daughter. We make kiddush, my cell phone is turned off and I don’t drive anywhere.”

Sa’ar added that, as always, educating future generation is of the utmost importance for him. “What is important to me is passing on the idea to the next generation. We need to pass on something and I feel that my Shabbat observance is meaningful not just for me but also for my children.”

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